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19:-/cl. Bombay Saffahire. 24:-/cl. DRINKAR. 99:-/119:- Cointreau, vodka.

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In everything that we produce, our watchword is With Juniper front and centre, the crisp citrus of fresh lime peel and the gentle spice of pink peppercorns, Lind & Lime is beautifully balanced, intensely refreshing and the very definition of what a London Dry Gin should taste like. Lind & Lime is distilled with 100% Clean Electricity, produced with 100% organic ingredients and packaged with 100% plastic free materials. Lind & Lime Gin. Tillverkad i Storbritannien, Skottland. Drycken finns i lager hos leverantör, inte hos Systembolaget.

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It has an ABV of 44%. Sample botanicals: Juniper; lime; pink peppercorns. Lind & Lime gin is a relatively new gin (from late 2018), but what a cracker it is.

Lind and lime gin

Lind & Lime Gin Alltid Prisgaranti Snabb leverans

Lind and lime gin

Party DrinksCocktail  Lindemans Cawarra. 59:-/269:- Westervin Cabernet- GIN. Franks Gin Ekologisk. 19:-/cl. Bombay Saffahire. 24:-/cl. DRINKAR. 99:-/119:- Cointreau, vodka.

I was honoured to be invited along to find out more about this gin and the company by Ian himself Along with another member of their staff, Hannah, I was taken the story of the Port of Leith Distillery. Today we will be tasting Lind and Lime Gin from The Leith Distillery.Cheers!Check out our Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/the_ginfluencers_uk/?hl=enLind A Perfect Measure sample of Lind & Lime gin from Port of Leith Distillery. Paying homage to Dr. J Lind, who discovered the effect of citrus fruits on those suffering from scurvy, Lind & Lime gin uses lime for flavour. Alongside pink peppercorn and juniper to balance out the strong, fresh citrus notes in this gin.
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There’s a fascinating story behind the name too. The Port of Leith is the port of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.

Strength: 44%. Lind and Lime Gin Lind & Lime Gin is the very first spirit produced by The Port of Leith Distillery Co at our Tower Street Stillhouse.
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Tyvärr väldigt svår att få tag på. Schweppes Bitter Lemon, 169kr.

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1 day ago Besides a beautiful bottle, the Lind & Lime with its juniper forward flavour is perfect for all sorts of classic gin cocktails! Since the distillery will not be producing Whisky for a few years, Lind & Lime is the first spirit to be offered by Port of Leith Distillery. Lind & Lime Gin 44% Abv Lind & Lime Gin is the very first spirit produced by The Port of Leith Distillery Co at our Tower Street Stillhouse. It's still a  Lind & Lime Gin is distilled with seven botanicals, the. Main ones being: juniper, pink peppercorns and lime, making the gin a little spicy with fresh, zesty lime. Gin & Genever.

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