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Aimee Garcia as Veronica The short-lived series established Aimee as a TV regular. Best known for her character as Andy Garcia’s daughter and George Lopez’s niece, “Veronica Palmero,” on The George Lopez Show, Aimee was nominated for the 2007 Alma and Imagen Awards for “Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series.” Carmen was in 102 episodes before she was replaced by Aimee Garcia, who played her rich cousin Veronica Palmero. This was done due to conflicts in real life with Lusha and Lopez. Due to this, Lusha was written out of the series. … In the episode, “It’s a Cliffhanger, By George”, Carmen left to attend college. FULL NAME: George Edward Lopez ALIAS: Spuds Mr. Fancy Big Head ORIGIN: George Lopez Show OCCUPATION: Airplane Parts Factory Manager POWERS/SKILLS: None HOBBY: Golf GOALS: Provide for his Family FAMILY: Manny Lopez (Father) Deceased Benny Lopez (Mother) Linda Lorenzo (Sister) George Lopez II (Half-Brother) Angie Lopez (Wife) Carmen Lopez (Daughter) Max Lopez (Son) Veronica Palmero (Niece) Ray Directed by Bob Koherr.

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Not having it, George calls her bluff!The George Lopez Show - Season The season 4 cast of George Lopez (from left to right): Valente Rodriguez as Ernie Cardenas, Constance Marie with Luis Armand Garcia as Angie and Max Lopez, Emiliano Díez as Vic Palmero, Belita Moreno as Benny Lopez, George Lopez as George Lopez, and Masiela Lusha as Carmen Lopez. JosiahOlsonRockz's TV Spoof of "George Lopez." George Lopez - Thomas (Thomas & Friends) Angie Lopez - Dora and Blue (Dora the Explorer/Blue's Clues) Max Lopez - Diego (Dora the Explorer/Go, Diego, Go!) Carmen Lopez - Isa (Dora the Explorer) Veronica Palmero - Sidetable Drawer (Blue's Clues) Ernie Cardenas - Steve (Blue's Clues) Vic Palmero - Mailbox (Blue's Clues) Benny Lopez - Pail (Blue's George is at his niece Veronica's mom's funeral George Lopez is an ABC network sitcom series created by (along with Bruce Helford & Robert Borden) & starring comedian George Lopez. The show aired from March 27, 2002 to May 8, 2007, lasting for six seasons & 120 episodes. 1 Plot 2 Cast 3 Production 3.1 Conception 3.2 Casting 4 Cancellation 5 Links The series centers on George Lopez (who plays a fictionalized version of himself) and his life Played Veronica Palmero in the television series George Lopez.

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Dr. Victor Palmero=Angie's father. Carmen Consuelo Lopez =George's daughter. Veronica Palmero =Angie and George's niece. Mr. Needles=Georges Family Dog. Jason McNamara Aimee Garcia (born November 28, 1978) is an American actress.

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She also playedJamie Batista on the Showtime drama Dexter andYvonne Sanchez on the CBS dramaVegas. For Disney, she played Gloria in Cadet Kelly, Nicole in A Lot Like Love, andTennie in Motorcity. She will voice Jodie in M.O.D.O.K. Add a photo to this gallery Aimee Garcia (born November 28, 1978) is famous for being tv actress. She currently resides in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Played Veronica Palmero in the television series George Lopez. She also played Batista on the Showtime series Dexter. In 2016, she began appearing on the Fox series Lucifer.

Next, we have Luis Since George Lopez ended, she's appeared in the first two Diary of a Wimpy Kid films, in the TV film Truth Be Told, as a voice on Ferdinand, and as Rosario on On My Block. Aimee Garcia as Veronica The short-lived series established Aimee as a TV regular.
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George attempts to teach Veronica responsibility by helping her find a job in the factory, though his efforts are often thwarted when Veronica seduces the male workers (particularly Ernie and Mel Powers) into carrying out her duties In 2006, Garcia landed the role of Veronica Palmero, on The George Lopez Show. The series stars the titular comedian George Lopez, who plays a fictionalised version of himself and revolves around 1 George Lopez 2 Angie Lopez 3 Carmen Lopez 4 Max Lopez 5 Benny Lopez 6 Ernie Cardenas 7 Vic Palmero 8 Veronica Palmero George Edward Lopez (played by George Lopez) had a horrible childhood which is referenced throughout the series. His mother, Benny, is blamed for much of the abuse, and jokes are often made about how she treated him badly. George initially believed that his father, Manny, was "George Lopez" George's House Has Two Empty Wombs (TV Episode 2007) Aimee Garcia as Veronica Palmero Claudia Palmero is Veronica's deceased millionaire mother. She only appeared in the Season Five episode "A Funeral Brings George to His Niece" (episode #15).

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George Lopez. Acteur geboren op 23.04.1961. Overzichtalle films. 3,8. The Tax Collector   15 Oct 2018 George Lopez S06e03 - George Nieces A New Media. tobyjackson4068. Follow.

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Her mother leaves all of her items and money to her. However, it was put into a trust with George being named as the trustee. Angelina "Angie" Lopez (née Palmero) (Constance Marie) is the daughter of Vic and Emilina Palmero, sister of Gloria and Ray Palmero, wife of George, daughter-in-law of Benny, and mother of Carmen and Max. In Season 2 she takes a job selling health and beauty products to help pay for Carmen's private school tuition. Directed by Bob Koherr. With George Lopez, Constance Marie, Valente Rodriguez, Luis Armand Garcia.

2020-10-05 · Since George Lopez ended, she's appeared in the first two Diary of a Wimpy Kid films, in the TV film Truth Be Told, as a voice on Ferdinand, and as Rosario on On My Block. Aimee Garcia as Veronica George Lopez gets to be the trustee of Veronica's Inheritance, but not before Vic Palmero gets owned lol!